Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fun Was Had

Playschool 40th Birthday - this was a fun show.

- I met the talented Jay and Karen, two very funny and very friendly characters with so much energy and vitality.

It was also Simon's Birthday so he got several rounds of "Happy Birthday to Simon" and a very rich Chocolate Cake.

The show was only about 40 minutes long but was very energetic and, as you can see employed the most highly trained staff the Opera House could provide.

This is Slush the Pig making sure he's got a second career choice when his looks give out or they start talking about 'Babe' replacements.

I also had many knitterly chats with Miss Fee who designed the set and who completed a sweet little Rowan Cotton bag during the run of the show. I thought I was doing well grafting my scarf together!


Lara said...

Isn't Jay gorgeous ! I worked with him on Water Rats, and had a tiny, wee crush....

Carson said...

Wow, this knitblog-o-sphere is a spooky thing, I know Miss Fee! She was doing the same course at NIDA as me, but the year above.
Talk about worlds colliding!