Friday, April 20, 2007

Green Gables and friends

Green Gables is done - at last. The rich teal colour of the Classic Elite Provence cotton has attracted a few nice comments and the adaptations I made to the length and sleeves don't seem to detract too much from the classic design. It is a close fitting top as can be seen by this bathroom mirror shot but I am very happy with it. I have the next Zephry pattern, Wicked, stepping up to the queue but it must wait its turn.

The Cleckheaton Country Silk goodness of the Interweave Knits Pullover Flair jumper is at sleeve stage and I am tossing between knitting from the top down on two circulars or doing it the traditional bottom up way. The main body was all knitted on circulars and this made for speedy progress if not a bulky package.

In keeping with the commitment mad back in January these items are all from the stash and I have only fallen off the wagon once, as allowed by the 'get out of jail free' clause.

The yarn is Mega Stoppino by Lana Grossa from the variegated, bulky-weight family that is so very popular at the moment. On Saturday Paula, at Rubi & Lana's, said those dreaded words that guarantee a sale; "I've only got 10 balls left and there won't be any more coming in for a few months."

The rich blue/green/black shades were like a magnet to me and, in a fit of mild guilt at having made such an impulsive purchase (3 minutes between entering the store and making the purchase) I cast on this pattern 5 hours later. I must admit at 16 st/10cm on 6mm it's a fast knit and the yarn is being true to its promise of saturated colour.

The people at Cleckheaton consistently attract me with their designs and pattern books and this, their latest, had only just been taken out of the box at the Wool Inn before I had it. Unfortunately I can't say I have the same attraction for the colourways of the Vintage Hues yarn but there are so many wonderful substitutes available it's not a problem. Vero Tweed swatches up to the same gauge in 100% wool and has a warm plum/green/purple shade. It's destined for the cover pattern from the same book. By this time I should be well and truly over the variegated yarns phase for a few months.

The other Cleckheaton pattern book is the latest for Studio Mohair and it has a lovely jumper/sweater in it that has really got me wondering about pattern referencing/appropriation, inspiration?
Contrast and compare this sideways knitted sleeves, rib body, square neckline garment with this sideways knitted sleeves, rib body, square neckline garment. There are some obvious differences of course; lace sleeves, different gauge yarn, no stripes, but where does the original pattern stop and the new one start?


Lien said...

I've noticed the same thing with other patterns I've seen. However, in the case of Tubey and the Cleckheaton pattern, I saw someone wearing a jersey fabric version of that top.

Also, it was great to have met you finally!

Grandma Flea said...

You're not wrong with the patterns - I used to notice that Knitters?? used to have patterns that resembled some of Jo Sharp's that had been printed some months earlier. It may be a bit like unintended plagiarism - when you read something that impresses you, then think you invented the words?? I've been guilty of that a few times when I was studying - fortunately the little buzzer in my brain would go off in time, and on checking I'd discover what I'd done.

I love the Cleckheaton book you've posted - just might have to buy it (and the yarn!) and add it to the PILE of UFOs.

Queen Frogger said...

Your green gable is so nice with the lacey edge. I don't think I have seen one like that before. It looks nice on too!