Monday, January 22, 2007

2007 projects

In a vain attempt to be organised I've gathered together all the front pages of my 2007 projects and put them in a ring-binder. I have the yarn and the patterns standing by and all I need is the time and opportunity.
Here is a gallery of bashful models to show off these potentials. (look at the camera dear! - Look at moy, look at moy)

If this hot, sticky weather continues the next on the needles is Green Gables in Classic Elite Provence. A top-down creation from Zephyr Style a la Picovoli.

Next we have Pullover Flair by Ann Budd from the Spring 2006 Interweave Knits. I hope to use Cleckheaton Country Silk for this once I sort out the transition from the specified viscose/cotton. This has been in my want-to-do list for some time.

Another long term contender on the wait list is Knitting Pure & Simple's Top Down Cardigan. Some Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool is standing by for this.

Naturally's Merino et Soie yarn for Leo from for my man. I ordered 20 balls of the lovely dark blue shade from the Wool Inn before Christmas and they have it in my "off-site stash".

The Sirdar Cotton top has only the sleeves to go before completion. The Inknitters directions leave a little to be desired. They have a unique terminology that requires several readings before it all makes sense. I've muddled through so far but I'm glad it wasn't a complex pattern.

As well as the aforementioned jumpers I also hope to tackle a pair of socks for the first time - maybe Wendy's toe-up pattern. I have been reading her book and enjoying it. I like the mix of chatter, patterns and techniques. There is also no Knitting 101 - how to knit' section in her book - she takes it for granted that most of her audience can knit garter stitch.

So, there is my 2007 list - all the yarn is in the stash already - in their own little project bags with a working copy of the pattern. I hope this time, next year, I can look back at this post with satisfaction.


Lynne said...

Good luck with all those projects, Kate. You are very organised. I look forward to seeing the completed works in the 'flesh' at BMKG each month (Show and Tell is one of my favourite parts of the meeting!)

Katie said...

How wonderfully organised you are! And does this mean that you won't stray from your set path, and you won't add to your existing stash for the whole year??? :-)

Queen Frogger said...

Those projects look good. I have made green gable and the pure and simple cardi and enjoyed both of them. The interweave sweater looks lovely too!

ms. pea said...

I love your project roster. I'm thinking about the Green Gable as well. You should join the Pullover Flair knitalong!