Friday, January 12, 2007

It's too darn hot!

It doesn't seem right that yesterday it was 26C in Sydney city and 33C up here in the mountains! It is supposed to be cooler up here dammit - that's one of the reason we moved.

We're going to pack up for the day and high-tail it down to those cool sea breezes. This means I can also fit in a long overdue visit to the Saturday Rubi & Lana's meet at 10am tomorrow. Win, win.

Look what I got in the mail today - the latest Vogue Knitting! This makes up for the one I didn't get last year. Despite this I'm not going to renew. I'll vet each edition at my local newsagents as they arrive. It should be noted that the amount of knitting related literature at said newsagent has increased tenfold - even when you count the Creative Knitting/Simply Knitting clone.

The knitting in the picture is the progress I have made on the Rainbow cotton top from Inknitters mag. I did have a progress bar in the sidebar but that got eliminated by the Blogger upgrade. More housework.
The Sirdar Luxury Cotton is nice to work with, not as soft as the ecoyarn pakucho but it has a nice firm definition. I'm swatching the Noro Kureyon at the same time and it feels so rough in comparison. I'm wondering if the finished garment is going to be as scritchy as the swatch.
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Rose Red said...

I love the cardi on the Vogue cover, even though it would totally not suit my figure - one can dream!