Saturday, January 27, 2007

2007 ufo's

The next stage. To get a realistic picture of my Stash and projects I have done an audit of my UFO's - some which date back several years.
It is interesting to see how my pattern preferences have developed, even in the short time since 2003 when I had my 'renaissance' back into knitting.

Paton's Zhivago - a large wrap in basketweave stitch that is so, so close to finishing. Reason for stopping? It's Boring!! Endless rows of K3P3 with a little diversion of garter stitch for the collar. If I had a long plane journey or the complete Season 3 of Deadwood to watch at one sitting maybe I could complete it.

Rowan Linen Drape cardigan - I love the weight and fall of this brand, I don't like the harsh feel of the yarn as it knits. I have an entire back completed with darts. It would be easy to reproduce this for the front and make a simple shell. Again, it's mindless knitting and I obviously have a short knitting attention span.

The Eki Riva alpaca/silk blend cardigan. I love the yarn and ventured forth on a composite pattern to combine it with a little Mollydale mohair trim. But I didn't do my prepwork. The measurements were wrong, the pattern was wrong and precious hours of knitting time disappeared into the frog pond. I could have been knitting the Zhivago!

Studio Mohair cardigan - I started this April last year in one my favourite yarns from a pattern book I hope to do a lot more from. Only a sleeve to go so the reason for delay? The weather - hot and sticky. Honourable mention goes to the Guild "No Pattern" Cardigan in Shepherd Aran 12ply. This is an on going experimentation in technique and requires a bit more thought and preparation. Maybe the skills I learn from it will prevent any more Eki Riva cardigan disasters.

Last but not least is the pile of variegated Totem 8ply that is destined to become a little woven stitch vest. It's holding my rosewood circulars hostage as a guarantee that it will be finished.

There are other projects that exist in a limbo of potential. The Green Acrylic mix Man's vest that needs a neck adjustment; the lace weight Magenta yarn from Rubi & Lana's; the rainbow mohair yarn that made it all the way to a completed garment only to be summarily frogged soon after. Bring on the cooler weather and oh, what progress will be made (hopefully).


Johnno said...

Thanks for your recent visits and comments on my blog Kate.

I once tried to knit a small square for some charity blanket in primary school...... never finished it!

mehitabel said...

There is just something about organizing projects, and patterns, and yarns. It's a great way to feel as if something is being problem is, I spend too much time doing that, and not enough working on the projects! I need to remedy that!

missfee said...

hi kate
this is my blog
love yours