Saturday, February 03, 2007

I like to sing, I like to knit

This is Miss Fee (newly blogged) and me admiring the lovely rainbow effects of "I Like to Sing", starring the lovely Justine Clark of Playschool fame. Fiona took a break from her current Gold Coast project to design this little gem of toddler entertainment. Her Rainy Day Umbrella is a wonderful creation.

We are each holding our current knitting projects - Fiona has a Jo Sharp striped top and I am swatching Green Gables. I think I will have ample opportunity to work on all my knitting because I have three shows a day to operate. The good news is that they're only on the weekend, the bad news is they coincide with all the local knitting groups.

My Stash-Along is going well - I have finished the Inknitter top and only have to block and sew up the side seams to complete. In the process I was reminded why I should use a loose cast-off for the neckline. Thank goodness for Montse Stanley.

Because this project is nearly finished the topic of Blocking is uppermost in my mind. Grumperina has an interesting post about "at which point does one block a handknit sweater project?" while Julie has shown the wonders that can be achieved with a judicious stretch. I will take them both into consideration when I find the time and space to block both Krista and this top.

Janette says the new Rowan Book is out and even though I am on a yarn diet it doesn't mean I can't look and drool. I especially like the Bamboo Tape Collection - the asymetrical designs are quite appealing.

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