Monday, February 12, 2007

The Good News

On a more positive note we have good news on the Stash reduction front. First off is Krista in Pachuko cotton, showing its wide decolletage and my pale Theatre Tan. I'm constantly being reminded that cotton is a very unforgiving fibre, both in the making and the wearing but I do like this brand. The shade apparently gets deeper the more it is washed.

Next we have a rather wooden modeling of the completed Inknitter cotton top with a few adaptations - the sleeves are longer and the hem is looser, to give more of a drape.

And an update on the fate of the many bags of wool on my Verandah - they've all gone to good homes in the Blue Mountains Spinning community. One of the recipients, Michelle, gave a very thorough analysis of the fleece in her blog. It's good to see that even though it's not pure Merino it is still a useful fibre. I loved its rich buttery colour and full Lanolin scent.


Rachel said...

Both of those look just wonderful! Flattering and with very pretty details. Congrats on two great FOs.

Janette said...

What a fabulous outcome Kate. Both knits look great on you!

M-H said...

Love that Krista! There are so many lovely cotton top patterns around. They both look great.

JulieB said...

Krista is great - the decolletage is very flattering. I could do that without the eyelet things seeing as how I don't do the all-over lace thing. Mmmm... might have to modify the to-do list.