Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome Visitors

Green Gables in process. I had to frog the latticework of the yoke at least three times for this piece. One slight distraction puts the entire pattern out of sync and this happened often during the three shows a day that comprised the Playschool season. I don't know how Justine did it but she was a real trouper. A room full of kids has to one of the hardest audiences out there, They expect 100% and can tell if they're not getting it.

Speaking of hard audiences we had another big turn up today to the monthly Guild meeting - despite the warm weather. (It would be so good for the meeting rooms to have air conditioning)
Lara, Sally, Meg, Mandy and Candi journeyed up the M4 (with a slight deviation to a certain Penrith Yarn shop) to visit us. (Meg has just been featured on the Lime & Violet podcast site for her Boobie stitch markers. They were made to help raise funds and Breast Cancer awareness and are practical way to support a very worthy cause. Drop over to her Etsy shop and check them out.)

The Guild meeting is a bit more structured then the usual relaxed get togethers around the big table at R&L or over a cup of coffee at SSK. Maybe my slightly frazzled and distracted air gave the visitors a clue to where my head space is normally at during these meetings as I try and keep track of time, people and tasks. I must admit I was a bit nervous that it would be too formal and busy to get in some knitchat time - especially as I hadn't seen Lara since she came back from Vietnam and I wanted to hear all about the trip as well as ask her some Apple Questions. Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves though and I really appreciate their visit.

The numbers that come along to our Mountain's Guild have increased markedly over the past year or so and we have a diverse range of knitters that attend. Even though I sometimes feel stretched to my mental limits running the meetings I always get something out of the experience. The Show and Tell session is both a challenge (I have to make sure 30 or so people don't wander off track during the telling) and a pleasure as we see and hear about people's projects, their progress, their failures and their successes.

We've also had some great guests to our meetings and I claim no credit for this at all. Today Inga Hunter showed her creative genius with Beadworking and, unless there are 2 artists with the same name that live up here, she is a talented artist as well. I came across this example of her Lino cuttings and I am smitten. Lino prints are one of my favourite mediums and I love the simplicity of these prints as well as the familiarity of the spaces she portrays.


Lara said...

We had a great time, and are certain to do it again. THank you for having us, I am sure we will be back, with bells on :)

Terri said...

Hi Kate! Thanks for stopping by at Lilypily Yarns. In answer to your question about the eucalyptus flower, I think you are partially right. Eucalyptus ficafolia is listed as a parent form to the variety I have. It's called Eucalyptus 'Summer Beauty'. The other parent is E. ptychocarpa. I've taken that from the label - I'm not really a walking encyclopedia on eucalyptus. :o)

Lynne said...

Hi Kate

That's a lovely picture of Inga. Please email that material so I can do the group blog before I forget what happened! :-)

See, I am following your advice!