Monday, January 08, 2007

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top...

Helter Skelter - 3 days of it, but I got through. The White Album was great to listen to though tricky to light at times. What do you do when you have a black stage and the muso's are wearing black clothes? You light the ceiling!

The Concert Hall is an incongruous performance space - big white ceiling and a brown stage, great for orchestral performances but not great for mood lighting. Sound mixing in this big cavernous 'live' room is also a challenge apparently.

Even though I was stressing about the show before Christmas it all came true - as always. The day I get so blase about a show that I don't stress out is the day I stop doing it.

My favourite Aussie actor/singer, John Waters, was the stand out performer in my humble opinion. He gave a very professional show and didn't balk when I asked him for a groupie shot.

The show itself was a bit of a Parson's Breakfast (that's a mixed metaphor BTW) as was the audience. Some people complained it was too loud, others said they couldn't feel the bass. Considering the ages ranged from 8 to 80 I'm not surprised.


Janette said...

Wow - you are so wonderfully talented at your profession. The stage lighting looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...

How fantastic, how dramatic! And lucky you, to be photographed with the delectable John Waters. Mmmm

Anonymous said...

Kate - you did an awesome job! Congratulations.