Thursday, April 05, 2007

Photo Shoot

The knitting came to the House the other day for a bit of Work Experience. I made use of the office digital camera to take a few archival shots of some of the current productions and document my WIP's at the same time.

First is the ISE4 scarf on the set of the STC's production of Ying-Tong. This "UK comedy success of 2005" by writer Roy Smiles will be touring to eight venues around Australia. Accordingly the set is small but visually, surprisingly effective. It has a strong comedic cast and should be an apt tribute to the genius of Spike Milligan and The Goons.

The scarf is based on the faux cables pattern and uses "Parsley" handspun slubby single yarn of "luscious and lovely pure Aussie merino wool handpainted in gorgeous shades of green" from That Spinning Place. I'm hoping it will block out to a decent length without losing any of its softness or texture.

Next is the Green Gable Top draped around Rocinante from the Australian Ballet's production of Don Quixote. This is a Ballet that is steeped in nostalgia and history. "Rudolf Nureyev choreographed this production for the Australian Ballet in 1970 and, as guest artist, danced Basilio partnering Lucette Aldous as Kitri. With sets and costumes by Barry Kay the inaugural performance also featured Robert Helpmann as the Don and Ray Powell as Sancho Panza. It premiered in Adelaide on 28 March. Nureyev returned to Australia in 1972 to direct a filmed version of his production, which was released in 1973."

The set was redesigned in 1993 and, in the nicest possible way, it shows its age. It is not over-engineered, relatively easy to set up and move out and takes up minimal space on an already tiny Opera stage. It has been designed by someone who knows how to make canvas and wood look magical under stage lights. While in no way being disparaging of set designers I think this ability is becoming a lost art.

Green Gable is so, so close to finished. The cap sleeves are being slightly rejigged and the neckline needs a line of crochet to tighten the edge but I am very happy with the end result. The colour is rich and flattering and the yarn was worth the wait.

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mehitabel said...

How kind of you to take the knitting for some Work Experience! Now if I could figure out how to get mine some experience, other than hauling it back and forth to coffee houses... I'm afraid it's going to grow up to be a slacker, just like me!

M-H said...

We're seeing YingTong on 24 April. Are you working on it that night?

Coleen said...

great pictures!

Lien said...

My sister is going to Don Quixote this Wednesday! I went to one season of the ballet but I think Opera is more my thing.