Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Canberra Travels

Our trip to Canberra went the scenic route via Grand Pacific Drive and the spectacular Sea Cliff Bridge. I have been known to admire large engineering structures and this sweeping curve of concrete is no exception. We missed the Bulli Pass turn-off so the scenery deteriorated to suburban commercial enterprises once Thirroul was passed (much as I admire the growing prosperity of Wollongong and its environs it doesn't make for a relaxing drive.)

Lunch stop at the Nan Tien temple was a welcome respite. We bypassed the downstairs restaurant for the more utilitarian cafeteria upstairs, lining up with the locals for a "three course" vegetarian meal for $8.00. It's no-frills but all part of the whole temple experience.

I missed the Canberra S'n'B at the city centre because we didn't rush the journey and I wasn't game to suggest we should hurry because of a knitting meeting.

There was much negotiation as to what would be visited on our short stay in the Nation's Capital but by a bit of juggling we managed to get through;
Questacon, The National Gallery of Australia, Old Parliament House, The National Museum of Australia, The Australian War Memorial and Cockington Green with a minimum of fuss. I was very impressed that most of the public buildings had no entry charge so that made for an economical holiday.

For me the highlight was the Print exhibition at the NGA. A huge display of over 300 works covering 200 years of Australian art and social history. The exhibit featured an extensive number of print artists, such as Jessie Traill, Christian Waller and a whole lot more. While the boys were exploring the delights of the Science Museum I spent a few hours wandering from print to print, going back, again and again, to favourites.

My interest waned at the Expressionist phase of the 1940's and 50's as it was all too dark and gruesome for my liking. I preferred Samuel Calvert's wood-engraving of a country lass "At The Creek" and cheeky chooks.

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Lynne said...

ooh! Am I allowed to be jealous? :-)
There have been times when I have left members of my family at Questacon and done the same thing - just as well they are so close together, isn't it? The only problem is - I like Questacon too!

See you Saturday.