Thursday, April 19, 2007

Knitters Treat

I've just been told I have a Knitters Treat Exchange parcel coming - so a big Thank You to my Treater! S/he has told me the cost of Air Mail Postage was a bit scary so it's on a boat - a fast one I hope - but that makes the anticipation all that better.

I am still gathering together goodies for my Treatee but I'll have to keep that postage limitation in mind as well, it has to travel to the Northern Hemisphere. The Chocolate Rat pictured here is not going to be included in the parcel but the little gift bag full of delectable goodies is.

In the spirit of compiling suitable treats for this exchange I went on a "research" trip to the Chocolate Cafe in Katoomba where I had to sample the Real Hot Chocolate - I must report it passed the test with flying colours.

Buttons of pure chocolate, white, milk or dark, are melted in a special candle-heated cup then mixed with warm milk. The delectable liquid is drunk through the hollow stem of the spoon like a straw. They don't skimp with their serves and they top up the milk if you get carried away. All in a good cause!


Lara said...


THe hot chocolate at the cafe we went to for brunch last week was pretty good, but I'll have to try this one too :)

tangelled angel said...

Oh yes, those research trips are an absolute necessity for exchanges. Can't do without them..Sounds like a lot of fun, and definately right up my street

Lynne said...

Looks like a trip to Katoomba is in order for this chocolate loving family!

Will miss you on Saturday, enjoy your other meeting.

Grandma Flea said...

I had a nightmare about a chocolate rat after reading your post! All I can remember is the rat, and that the dream was not pleasant. Pray tell - for what/whom is the chocolate rat destined? I hope it has been eaten by now, so I can sleep in peace!