Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Sometimes things just all come together - and that's what happened this Easter weekend. I made it to Rubi and Lana's for a small but lively group. Gemma made her first visit there after hearing about us through ISE4. I hope we weren't too boisterous.

I remembered to bring the knitting bag this time with all the carefully packed projects and the new edition of Yarn Magazine. I was pleased to see an article in it on copyright written by Jenni - a past member of the Blue Mountains Knitting Guild. She is a very skilled knitter and since she moved South to Melbourne is now working for a law firm, so I presume she knows what she is talking about.

It was a timely article as I think as there is a lot of confusion about what constitutes copyright in the knitting world. I have read so many comments that start or end with "I'm not a lawyer but..." and then often go on to give an American version of the legalities of copying patterns or designs. I am not even going to venture an opinion about this issue - just like I won't diagnose that ache in your shoulder or give a quote on re-roofing the house. Leave it to the experts I think.

I did finish the ISE4 scarf and borrowed the cousins' camera to take a pre-blocking photo. It's not as long as I would like but it is beautifully soft and the colours accentuate the faux cable well. I didn't use the extra skein of accent yarn included as the Sari silk mix didn't drape as well as the pure Merino. I plan to send off the parcel within the week because the other overseas exchange I enrolled for came through. I have 2 little piles being made up at the moment - goodies for ISE4 and goodies for the Knitters Treat Exchange. Now I know why I couldn't do this long term as in SP10 -the stress of getting "the right thing" is just too, too much. (holds hand to brow and sighs).

The weekend continued well when I managed to go out for dinner that night - a rare occasion. Grab your Fork's review of the new location of The Malay Chinese restaurant had me hankering for a big bowl of Laksa with a cool, refreshing Ale. This wasn't to be because the Malay was closed. We continued on to the Korean Quarter of Sydney CBD and, after a short browse through King's Comics, came upon a gem of a place.

The night was balmy, the streets wet from a recent rain storm and spicy barbecue smells led us round the corner down an alleyway off Pitt Street to the obscure entrance of Sydney Madang - Korean Cuisine & Charcoal BBQ.

I could not have asked for a better place to fulfil my yearning for something hot and spicy. Sitting inside the wooden panelled interior with the rain teeming down outside, a big bowl of Bibimbap, Kimchee and a VB in front of me it could have been anywhere in Asia. Especially as the line of people waiting to get inside were mostly Korean students, always a good sign of quality and value for money.

The evening was capped with a promenade around the George St block to 85C, a "Cake and Beverage" store where they packaged their cakes and pastries in quaint little carry boxes. A perfect finish to a lovely day.


M-H said...

Yes, that was a great article on copyright. And I love Grab Your Fork - I reckon it's the best Sydney food blog.

mehitabel said...

Sounds like a great day out, and it's making me "homesick" for Sydney! I think I will have to start planning a trip to that part of the world--maybe when the summer heat here gets too oppressive, I'll head south for a NSW winter!

amanda j said...

I know what you mean about these exchanges. How do I know what I should buy?? Perhaps we should think about how happy we will be with 'whatever' our pal sends!

Sounds like a yummy treat!

Shirley Goodwin said...

The scarf looks great. I also find the sari silk lovely to look at but quite stiff and not what I'd want around my neck, whereas merino is wonderful!