Sunday, March 25, 2007

Movin' On

It finally arrived all the way from Seattle USA - the skein to finish Green Gables. There have been so many times over the last month that I wanted to wear this, lovely rich green top. Now I can finally complete it because this sole skein of Provence managed to overcome the trials and setbacks of the postal service.

Case in point: see the destination? CANADA? I live in Australia - have for a long time so I don't think I would have put Canada down as my address.

Second point to note: Despite it having Canada as the address it was still delivered to Australia! The US postal System must be very intuitive to know that where Canada is written read Australia. (Sorry for all the Canadians out there whose mail is now being delivered to the Southern hemisphere.)

So considering this is the third attempt I have made to get this yarn delivered I will treat it and the gorgeous top knitted from it with all the respect due to epic heroes of old who and met overcame all the trials and misfortunes that Fate has put in their way to finally prevail. Yarn, I name thee Leif of Deltora.

With this major setback overcome the gates have opened and 2 of the items in the Stash have been started. Yes the Stash-along is still in place. Pullover Flair is in the background - it's being knitted in the round in the lovely Cleckheaton Country Silk - while in the front is Collinette Fandango being made into a cap sleeve top. I had plans for this being a 7mm quick-knit until realising several rows into it that chenille is never quick. But at least the fingers and hands are working again - that's the main thing.

On a side note I must pass on my thanks to all those people who left supportive comments on my previous post (I feel I was bordering on a whinge) and to all commentators in general. Once I figure out how to get past the label that Blogger puts on all the mail I might be able to pass on my appreciation directly.


M-H said...

I think you should let us know which company posted this, so we can avoid them for international orders in future!

diane_s said...

i tried to leave a comment at the last post but google account was being difficult. for what it is worth i wanted to say that i think you do a great job at the guild, you do many things at once and always with a smile. so a thank you from me.

Lynne said...

Hurrah for the arrival of that skein - I look forward to seeing Green Gables at the next Guild meeting (at which you will do a magnificent job as always).

mehitabel said...

I have a couple of skeins of yarn that got sent to Andorra instead of the US--by an American company! Yes, the idiots wouldn't refund my money. They mailed it, didn't they? And if you ever figure out how to get past the no-reply comment widget on Blogger, please do share!
Anyway, happy knitting with your intrepid new yarn!