Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Green Parsley

This post was going to have a photo of the swatch I had knitted from this lovely Parsley yarn I got in the mail from That Spinning Place. It's for the International Scarf Exchange 4 (see side bar button) and I was pretty pleased about the quality of the yarn and the pattern I had finally made up for it. In the process of arranging a photo shoot featuring Jiji and said yarn I DROPPED the camera and I broke it - broke it good.

A few years ago this would have been a nuisance- an inconvenience even. In my new Blogger incarnation this event is Tragic, Catastrophic, Disastrous! I am contemplating taking my knitted bits to work and borrowing their camera so I can keep current with my Blog images. Pitiful isn't it.

This is the second camera I have done this to - the first was a bit old so I did what any decadent western consumer would do - put it away and bought a new one. I know the combined cost of the two repairs is equal to a new cheap digital but in all conscience I cannot do this again. I have enough old computer parts around the house to provide for a major landfill so I am going to be green about it.


Sharon said...

You are in good company. I broke my digi camera too but that was before I blogged but needed pictures of my products and my kiddos. oh and I was at a kids party at the time to boot. It was a sad, sad, sad day. At least you have a new toy to play with :-D

Pamela Lee said...

Wow! I'd say that acrylic garter stitch fun fur scarf has been well and truly shelved in favour of something beautiful and, dare I say, tasteful. ;)

I hope your camera recovers from its injuries soon so Jiji's photo shoot can be completed.

Lynne said...

Oh Kate - you are going through the wars, aren't you?

I hope the repairs don't cost too much and you'll soon be back on track with your blogging photos.