Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just a little hitch in my git-along.

With all the energy that's in the air at present you'd think there would be enough to go around. It seems not to be the case where I am concerned. Cousin Lazybones's "just a little hitch in my git-along" plaint is more in keeping with my present state of being.
This is a bag of projects - just past the swatching stage - all ready to go.
Several have been started and then frogged and I think it's because of this.

Green Gables is so close to completion it hurts. Knowing that that elusive last skein was so close to arriving in my post box before it was banished also hurts. All my knitting Mojo has stalled, hijacked by the postal system. What is a girl to do?

I'll once again order the yarn (if it is still there) from Little Knits and once again wait and hope that it makes its way safely across the Pacific. My Pay Pal account is more like a tennis net the number of returns it has going across it.

Retail Therapy
In times of creative distress there are always ways to reduce the pain. I went to Charing Cross and did a bit of medicinal shopping. This little suburban centre is an oasis of original and quirky products. One newly opened outlet has an eclectic mix of Japanese and New Zealand nick nacks, including some lovely paua jewellery and Kea, Tui and Morepork plushies. I browsed though Shasta Bray and found this cheerful, knitted Raffia bag for a ridiculously low price - feeling better already.


Lynne said...

I really like that bag!

My daughter and I both have Friday off this week - maybe we'll take an excursion to Charing Cross! :-)

mehitabel said...

I guess I'll have to add Charing Cross to my list of places to visit next time I'm in Australia! I hope you'll get your yarn...and your knitting mojo, too...soon. I've heard it's all Mercury's fault, going retrograde on us...PS, I linked to you today on my blog, hope you don't mind!