Saturday, March 03, 2007


The day started off well - my work shift had been cancelled so I was free to spend the time on Knitterly pursuits. First the Guild AGM to attend and catch up with other guild members. Then on to SSK for a long overdue visit. I was pleased with myself because I was running early, I had time for a cup of coffee and a leisurely read of the paper.

Obviously I was having way to much fun for the Fates to tolerate so they decided to take me down a peg or two.

This sign - well concealed by other cars and some ironwork - says "Caution Front End Parking Only" What happens when you don't do as the sign advises?


No pleasant afternoon knitting at SSK, no catching up with other Guild members, no leisurely cup of coffee and newspaper.

I should have known there was something amiss with the annoying 'powers that be' when my order of yarn from Little Knits was returned to them as 'undeliverable'. The package had been opened and the yarn damaged. I'm not sure why - maybe an over zealous drug sniffer dog?

I would really like to receive that yarn - especially the Classic Elite Provence. I have a half completed garment waiting for one last skein - of course.

I have heard of others who have also been subject to the whims of the muses of misfortune so I'm putting it all down to Mercury being in Retrograde and accepting my fate.


Janette said...

Kate, I'm so sorry to read about the damage to your car, but worse, not receiving your yarn!!!

All the best for a good karma outcome.

Coleen said...

Yikes! That's just awful! Wishing you a much better day today.

M-H said...

Oh, Kate, what a rotten day. I hope the week improves for you.

Lara said...

Sorry you had such a crap saturday - I hope you'll be cheered up by the news that the R+L gang are planing another Mountanis expedition on the 17th.

Jo said...

Sorry about your car. I think you might be right about the fates or the planets causing problems right now.

Ginger_nut said...

poor kate - hope mercury finds a place that suits you better

Lynne said...

Oh Kate - what a sad way for a day to end when it had begun so full of promise!

I hope that yarn turns up soon.

mehitabel said...

Looks like I should read all your posts before commenting! I do sympathize with your run of bad luck though, it's been happening here in the 'States too. Move along, Mercury!