Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fete day

It's Fete day today! We had Fairies doing Physie, Bushie Firemen, Zhagaret Belly Dancers, Ghaziya Tribal Dancers, Judo and Karate Demos, and, at the other end of the School Playground, State Election entertainment- "Vote for Me! No, no, Vote for Me"

My role in this was a bit of event managing and sound operating. Other options open were running the Chocolate Wheel, making green Fairy Floss or being a target for the "Chuck a Wet Sponge" stand. No contest.

I'm off to a birthday party now so I have to wait until tomorrow to play with the long awaited yarn that just arrived yesterday. it may be the key to unblocking that 'hitch' that has plagued my knitting progress for so long.Posted by Picasa

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ScarfExchange said...

Oooh - Chocolate Wheel???? Sounds appealing. :)