Sunday, November 12, 2006

Picovoli meets Krista

I've finished the beautiful Picovoli and, without stopping to catch my breath, am on to the next pattern.

This is Krista by White Lies Design.
It is the second Joan McGowan-Michael item I have knitted and I will probably be knitting more in the future. I really like her lacy, stylish designs and the fact that she has such an extensive range of sizes.
The pattern also comes in a kit at quite a reasonable price but with the helpful advice of the Wool Inn I've opted for Sirdar's "Luxury Soft Cotton" in Sage. It's an 8ply yarn that is a bit lighter then the Jo Sharp cotton and it has a lovely range of not quite pastel colours. It was a toss up between the Indigo and this smokey green.

The pattern's tension is 16st on 4.5mm and I'm at a bit of a loss how to calculate this across lace faggoting. Are the holes one stitch or two? By the look of it I'll have to go up to 5mm or go to a 10ply which I don't want to do because it will increase the weight.

Despite the fact that the Luxury Cotton is very soft and light I was rather spoilt after knitting Picovoli in that lovely Debbie Bliss Cathay... "a beautiful cotton/silk/viscose mix, a double knitting yarn with a subtle sheen and fantastic drape that is a pure pleasure to knit with and wear."
For once the marketeers weren't exaggerating and I am very happy with the finished product.

The pattern is a very easy knit and I had a lot of fun with the Picot edging and the waist darts. The pattern called for a M1 on either side of the increase dart by picking up the bar between stitches an knitting into the back or the front depending on the side. No matter how I tried I could not do the front M1 without making a hole so I ended up doing it all in the same knit through the back loop increase. The 6 balls of yarn I bought specifically for this pattern ran out as I was sewing up the hem so the Sirdar luxury cotton finished the job and made a nice segue to the next project - which is where we came in! Posted by Picasa


Punkin said...

Nice work. It has wonderful shaping and is very flattering on you.

M-H said...

Looks lovely!

Janette said...

ooooh Picovoli looks lovely! The Cathay does knit up beautifully.

The Sirdar Luxury Soft cotton looks interesting too. I've not seen that - better go check it out.

Some of the white Lies Designs are extremely flattering.

I recently saw an exhibition that included one of the WLD lingerie knits, which was just too cute. I'm not too sure about knitted lingerie though. ;)

karina_pires said...

Dear Kate

I would like to get in touch with machinists or specialized stitching small business who might do faggoting / hem stiching or piquoette.

They are old fashion heming stitches and apparently someone in the Blue Mountais has those sort of machines and offers those services... But I don't have the contact.

Would you be able to suggest any contatcts you might know?

Thank you kindly,

Karina Pires
Sydney NSW