Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Singers

Here is a sample of my Singer Sewing Machine collection- they were once on show but due to space limitations have now been packed away in their cases. I've acquired most of them from op shops because, like orphan kittens, they appeal to me to take them home.

Most of them are in working order and most are motor driven. Somewhere I have all their serial numbers written down and from that I know their place of origin and year of constucion. None are earlier than 1918 and the youngest is circa 1952. Their shiny, black, cast iron construction and industrial levers and cogs is reminiscent of one of my other fascinations (obsessions?); steam locomotives.

One day I'll unpack them all, give them a polish and put them back out on display where their mechanical beauty can be appreciated. Posted by Picasa

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Carson said...

My mum used to have one of those.
It worked. I learned to sew on it.
It was tredle-powered and still on its cast-iron base with carved-timber fronted drawers (3 on either side).
And it had pseudo-egyptian style graphics hand painted onto the arm of the machine around the singer logo.
Wonder where it is now...