Friday, November 24, 2006

Kitchen window

This is the morning view I love to see from my Kitchen window. A haze of mist - not brown smoke but cool, enveloping, cloudy, moisture. This doesn't mean of course that all the flames have died down or that the firies are happy. The rain hinders the backburning operations that were to take place overnight.

The Grose Valley is still steadily burning and next week the forecast is for more hot nor'westerlies but today it's wet and I'm happy.

Back to our usual programme - I am impatiently awaiting the arrival in the mail of my 2 knitting magazines, IK and Vogue Knitting. The annoyance is caused by seeing Vogue magazine at the last Guild meeting where the owner said she had bought it from her local Newsagency. I subscribe to these magazines so I expect to get them before they turn up in the shop. I get small comfort by the fact that I'm not the only person watching the mailbox but I don't think I'll be replying to Vogue's entreaties to resubscribe.


M-H said...

Don't start me on knitting magazine subs! I think they are really not interested in anyone out of the US. I have had endless trouble with IK, who never ever respond to emails, and won't ever be subbing again.

mehitabel said...

Small consolation, I know, but even those of us in the US don't get our subs till long after the mags have hit the newsstands. The only advantage (and why I keep re-upping no matter how frustrated I get) is that when life is busy I am assured of not missing an issue because they were sold out before I was aware they had come out. I'm sending you good thoughts for your fires, one of my friends in the Hawkesbury lost her house several years ago. Here in Calif. we also have disastrous brushfires, and our hot dry winds have not helped!