Monday, November 06, 2006

My Knitting Chair

My favourite Knitting Chair.

It is air-conditioned in Summer and heated in Winter, the view is ever changing and at times quite spectacular; sometimes it gets a bit crowded but it at least offers two hours of uninterrupted, focused knitting time (unless I have a wee nap).

This is the 5.24pm ‘Fish’ service from Central to Lithgow and we've just passed Blaxland. There is a mist settling on the hills and I know the higher I go the cooler it will get. My stop is 660 metres above sea level and that's enough to make a substantial temperature difference between work and home.

As can be seen I've made good progress on Picovoli, finished off all the decreases and increases and am now heading into the last stretch - the Picot hem. I'm on the last ball so this is a good thing. The Picot bind off for the sleeves is yet to be finished so I may do that first.
This is the joy of knitting from the top down - you just keep going until the yarn runs out. Posted by Picasa

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