Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Morning's Business

The day started by watching the birds on the Melalueca outside the Kitchen window have their breakfast. First a young Wattle bird then a Honeyeater. The plant is scrappy and ravaged and was nearly burnt down last year by your's truly but it still flowers profusely and it still attracts lots of native birds.

My usual morning coffee and paper was followed by a visit to the post box where I was pleased to find a parcel from Knittatpug. It contained her homemade soap composed of emu , olive, coconut, grapeseed, and avocado oil.

Available at her Etsy shop it is a lovely, pure soap with a rich lather, no overpowering perfume and a non-greasy texture.

Katie says "It is fine for the most sensitive skins - your face, your hands, your baby. In the eczema epidemic that is raging among children in Sydney, parents say this soap is not only safe, it may be helpful."

She still has several left so pay her shop a visit before I go back and buy some more.

On the knitting front good progress has been made on Krista. This is the result after 2 balls with much tooing and froing as I find missed yarn overs in the faggoting because I've been distracted by Aeon Flux or The Big O.
I'm getting more proficient at dropping back to the extra or omitted YO and fixing it but the Pakucho Cotton is not very forgiving. It showcases all those loose stitches that result from such distractions. I'm hoping it will come out in the wash.


Katie said...

So glad to hear the soap arrived and you like it! And thanks for the plug - e-tailing is such fun, n'est-ce pas? Dying to see Krista on. Looks like a divine pattern.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Ooooh, love that Krista, but it's way down the list of "Things I Want To Knit" at present.