Saturday, August 05, 2006

Still not happy Jo!

I should be happy - I've finished an item! It's the Jo Sharp Wrap rib and other than a bit of blocking and a few ends to tidy it is complete. The annoying, sad, irritating, peeving part of this lovely completed project is the huge, glaring, obvious, colour difference between the left and right front. When I bought this yarn from another LYS 4 years ago I bought it as a packet of 10 and 1 single. I presumed it was all the same dye lot because that's how it was sold to me. It was also the first wool I had bought for 5 years as I was coming out of a knitting 'sabbatical'. I didn't notice this huge, glaring, obvious, colour difference while I was constructing the garment as the front is a narrow strip of rib which is then attached to the collar. I'm not going to frog it as I have too many objects in the frog and pre-frog state and I wanted to bask in the glow of having a completed garment. So, I will leave it but it will forever be 'tainted'. I still haven't achieved happy knitter nirvana yet but I will persevere.

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Peace Chik said...

Ummmmm, maybe it's the picture on my computer but I can't see any huge glaring difference.