Friday, July 28, 2006

Honour Bound

Honour Bound - an intense, powerful production that any thinking person has to see - it is awesome. Previews of the show are happening now and it opens next Wednesday.

"Set within an eight-metre square cage, the performance and projections take place on the walls, ceiling and floor. A daring and provocative work, Honour Bound, which takes its title from the words written above the gates at Guantanamo Bay, is about some of the most important issues we face as a society: law and order, hatred and love, humanity, and human beings pushed beyond their limits. "

I did the complete run through for the first time tonight and I was impressed. A busy show for cast and crew and very confronting for the audience; it only takes 90min of your time but you leave feeling you've experienced the four whole years with David Hicks in his cage. The background images of two normal sounding Aussies, Terry Hicks and his wife, recounting their story in their matter-of-fact way, highlights the barbarity and hypocrisy of the incarceration and the Governments that placed their son there.

Damien Cooper has created a dramatic design with a small but punchy rig including Atomic Strobes and Varilites. This is a lighting session of the production with a knitting Light Walker - (Something the light can shine on so the true effect can be seen) .

The show will be running at the Playhouse for 5 weeks before it tours to Melbourne and I think, and hope, it will be a hit.

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