Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Noro Revisited Rant

I received this in the mail a few days ago - I easily sourced it from a Canadian ebayer and including postage etc I paid a grand total of A$28. What is it about Australia that it retails for $45 to $60 in the local and internet shops?!

I can understand (well, not really) the outrageous prices some people will pay for an Out of Print Alice Starmore but this is an in print issue of a very much available pattern book that is a rip-off in Oz!
I'd much rather being paying the difference towards the yarn.
The pattern that caught my eye and made me buy the book was Jakobsberg and also Tista, a child's cute yoke jacket.

So far the cheapest Kureyon I have found is Yarns online at$11.00 a skein. On the web Janettes Rare Yarns comes in at $9.30. As I need 600g I think this item will be in a holding pattern for a while but it's still nice to have around to look at and admire.


Coleen said...

oooh, i like that green sweater. I love Noro's colorways, just don't like the bits of debris you often find in the fiber.

Pamela Lee said...

For what it's worth... If you don't mind buying from an eBay store, Cam's Corner is worth keeping an eye on for slightly older Noro, Jo Sharp and Debbie Bliss items, often at a much more affordable price. No Noro Kureyon there at the moment, but there are some more of the Noro pattern books.