Friday, August 25, 2006

Rag Mag Hag

I've just discovered a wonderful online magazine, Spins & Needles. It is published from the "haven for spinners, knitters and felters" That Spinning Place which is based in Riverstone, NSW, and from my first look it certainly gives some commercial Australian Yarn magazines a run for their money!
I mean who can resist a pattern for knitted boots (that look a lot like Uggies). The Fern shawl pattern is probably nothing new to any owner of a decent set of Barbara Walker but it looks so pretty. I have a recently aquired skein of laceweight Cashmere that may have found a reason for being.

Some of the articles I found interesting -
Knitted then felted slipper boots; Knit a romantic Fern Shawl; Beaded stitch markers - How to make your own; and Fibre Focus: English Leicester Sheep Breed.
The next issue is due out this month so more fodder for this Mag Hag.

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jussi said...

wonderful link! thanks Kate