Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sea Silkiness

It was dire - because of work and sickness I went a whole two months without going to a Knitting Group (I don't count the Guild meetings because I'm the convener and there's not much time for idle knitterly chatter.) Finally, I managed to maneuver work, domestic and other commitments around so that I could attend Rubi & Lanas last weekend. It was a full house - Lara finally made it as did Pamela and Celia and Sally and first timer, Simone. Taryn brought along a skein of beautiful Blue Sea Silk yarn from Hand Maiden - I've been wanting to check it out ever since I heard about its apparent therapeutic properties - and it has a slight salty smell too it - just like they said. Apparently it takes time to fill all the orders (especially as it seems to be the yarn of blogging choice lately) so I've put in a request for one skein for whenever it arrives. I don't mind waiting because I've got so many projects on the go. Truth in sidebar progress bars? I don't think so.

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