Thursday, August 17, 2006

A slight distraction

This is what happens when my brain is fugged out by the flu. I start rummaging through the stash tidying up, moving things from one bag to another and a match is made.
One St. Vinnies, 20c, pattern with one bag of cheap, eBay, unknown yarn (maybe Totem 8ply variegated). This is a little swatch of the interesting herringbone pattern made with my lovely Colonial rosewood circs.

This brief flirtation is not a serious commitment though - the yarn and pattern will take now their place in the queue, satisfied that at least they have been matched. Clapotis2 is almost at the finishing post, the Studio Mohair Rib Cardigan is at Sleeve stretch and the sideways garter stitch jumper is following closely in the rear.

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