Friday, August 25, 2006

Super Troupers

At 73 I hope to have half of the energy of this woman. Chita Revera is an amazing trouper in the true sense of the word. Her short season in the Studio has just finished and I was one of a number of totally impressed punters who were entertained by her stamina and charisma. She was the original feisty Anita of West Side Story and she's still got it (as well as the best legs on any person her age or younger!)

In the Concert Hall another doyen from the same era was performing a more sedate set. Debbie Reynolds may not have thrown herself around the stage with the same energy as Chita but her audience was still as adoring. She kept them enthralled with snippets of songs, anecdotes and film clippings. She managed to make a 2000 plus hall seem as intimate as the Studio and ya gotta respect that.

More power to these divas, may they all go out dancing.

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