Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Captain Underpants

This is what is keeping me occupied when I'm not doing mad hours at work. The deadline for delivery to the Sydney Royal Easter Show is the end of this week and Captain Underpants Mark 11 is still missing a goofy smile and a red cape.

If I had bothered to read the entry form several months ago I would have noticed the category I applied for was "Creative Knitting: of Original Design". Captain Underpants Mark 1 did not fulfill this criteria because it was someone else's pattern. I could have entered him into the "Soft Toys; class 202" section but this was several pages on, past the "Slipcast Ceramics" and "Mosaics" sections. Bleedin' obvious.

Nil Desperandum as they say, so rather than forfeit my $10.00 entry fee I set to and made my own Original Design. The body is knitted flat with a back seam and the limbs are a combination of i-cord and Double Knitting. Some parts are not as neat as I would like but as I'm not planning on winning any prizes with this fellow I'll let it stand. His entry is a mild protest against the clowns and toilet roll cover dolls that seem to make up the vast majority of knitting at the Easter Show.

One of these days the permitted entries may be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century and ipod covers and funky handbags will be allowed to see the light.


Lynne said...

Having never seen a R.E.S. schedule I can'tcomment; but if it's anything like theHawkesbury Show's it is rather limiting!

Captain Underpants is very cute!

Bex said...

Sweet! I love your version more than the other one :).
And agree 100% about about dragging the Knitters for Evil into the 21st Century :D

chocolatetrudi said...

I like your Captain Underpants much better - and there's something very appropriate about an egg-shaped Cpt U at an Easter Show.

Good luck!