Friday, March 07, 2008

The 306K

This is the favourite of my many Singer sewing machines - it is in full working order and has just finished seaming up the lounge curtains.

It's not a pretty machine and it has obviously seen a lot of action in its working life. All the shiny enamel has been worn away and the timber veneer is paper thin but the motor purrs like a kitten and the shuttle action is smooth as silk.

The action of this machine is so simple and straightforward that I think it would easily match the output of a modern counterpart. It brings to mind the comparison audiophiles make between the warmth of analog valve amplifiers and the clinical sound of modern digital equipment.

This lovely machine reminds me of the big old Steam Engines of my youth and it has a similar warm smell of oil and metal once it gets into its stride. I can't remember exactly where I got this robust workhorse but it came with some valuable additions - lots of strange and wonderful attachments and full set of Bakelite stitch templates.

I've not had an opportunity to use the Ruffler, the Foot Hemmer, the Multi-Slotted Binder, the Edge Stitcher or the Shirrer but it's nice to know they're there if I ever require them.


Lynne said...

We learn something new about you all the time; you certainly are a woman of many talents and interests!

My Singer [c.1972] has a smell of metal and oil when it gets going too - I don't think it's supposed to!! LOL

M-H said...

I thought of you last Saturday when we picked Sandra's overlocker up from a shop in Marickwille that had a very old SInger (still in working order) in a window display. And have you seen this post from Dave Daniels in Boston? It seems to have been the The Week of The Singer. :)