Saturday, March 22, 2008

Going to the Show

We went to the Easter Show yesterday. We bought our tickets from the Post Office a few days before, checked out online which show bags to buy and took all our own food and drink. It still cost us over $100 for the day which is why it's not an annual event.

My main aim was the Craft section to see how Captain Underpants was faring in his Creative Knitting category - as I expected he didn't win any ribbons but he did stand out among the nice Cardigans and Sweaters.

As is traditional we went to the CWA for Scones and Tea, bought some of their preserves (no Plum Jam left but I did get some Quince Jelly) and then checked out the baking and cake decorations.

The displays were mouth-watering, entertaining and magical.

I'm still at a loss as to the criteria and standards for judging - among the knitted categories they seem to be a well-kept secret known only to those who have been initiated but that won't stop me from trying again next year. Subtlely subversive is my motto.


diane_s said...

who needs a ribbon. captain underpants wins the makes you smile contest hands down.

Lynne said...

Captain Underpants is very cute!

Other blogers have had quite a bit to say re the knitting judging and display. "Not happy Jan" seems to be the consensus.

And what's wrong with quietly subversive?

Theresa said...

Actions always speak louder than words - subtley subversive - I'm all for it - way too much energy can be put into trying to encourage others to see the world in a wider perspective - offer your feedback in whatever form it is invited (if its invited) once - then use your energy for the things you love - next year will be great!!!