Monday, March 24, 2008

Looking at the Chooks

The next best thing about the Easter Show besides the Craft are the animals.

We were rained out of the Woodchopping so we sought shelter in the Poultry Shed. That's where I met this beautiful breed of Chook known as Laced Wyandottes. I didn't think a hen could look this pretty.

Some of the more exotic poultry breeds with poofy hairdos and strange protuberance were a bit too much but these fat
colourful girls caught my eye.

There was also sheep shearing for the kids, both machine and hand,

three little piggies and a few more,


cows and

gentle fairground rides (as different from the ear-splitting, in-your-face carny kingdom at the other end of the Show.

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Lynne said...

Those chickens are beautiful! I love the black edge of every feather - try knitting that pattern. LOL

When we were kids we went to the Show every year; all the pavilions, then the Show bag pavilion the and finally into the main arena [early to get a good seat] where we watched the show jumping [ate], the Grand Parade [ate], the Precision racing team [ate] and stayed till the fireworks [still eating; hey, we were kids with show bags and a picnic lunch and tea] - no rodeo for us, too late and too violent!
No rides of any kind, never, ever!!