Sunday, February 24, 2008


Big Bird;

This is what greets us in the morning with a big sqawking complain if we don't put some seed out quick enough

Big Mushroom;

A big patch of Horse Mushrooms growing in the front garden because of all the recent rain - large but tasteless.

Big Boats:

The QE2 crosses paths with the Queen Victoria this afternoon so we all stop work to check it out..

Big Day:
Another 0700 til 2300 working day. Put in the Ornette Coleman Quintet, then take it out.
Amazing Jazz but a tiring day.

Big Mistake:

Got a new wireless router because the old one died (probably a lightning strike) and then forget to put on a password - wondered why all my Data Allowance got sucked up so no blogging until I got it back.
Live and learn.


Lynne said...

We had a sulphur-crested cockatoo visit us daily at our cabin in Bulli - fortunately in the afternoons!

How did you know the mushrooms were edible?

You are strategically placed for some history-making events, aren't you? Pity you had to work on a Sunday though! ;-(

Anne said...

We used to get a flock of 30 or so. Where I grew up, sometimes they used to pull the wind chime that hung at the back door to get our attention, as well as squawking morning and late afternoon. Mum (and half of the suburb) used to feed them sunflower seeds until the council gave us all a notice not to feed them because their numbers were getting out of control (too much of a good thing and they breed like rabbits!). Seeing the picture brought back fond memories.