Monday, February 11, 2008

Computer says No!

This afternoon I spent 2 hours trying to upgrade my Mobile and Landline. A simple thing in this digital age one might think? Just go online, browse through the numerous communication packages available, bundle them all together, press the submit button and have a cup of tea.

Reality: do all the checking and filling in of forms then press the submit button and "Computer says No!"

"This service is not available to your area" in fine blue print at the bottom of the last page. AAArgh! I don't get it - I'm already on this provider - mobile and home phone.

Another 20 minutes on the phone listening to the saccharine tones of a fembot until I can get on to the Calcutta call centre to find out that all those cute little raccoons and penguins don't apply to my phone - I'm in the enemy territory no less. I therefore have the privilige of paying an extra $30 a month in Line Rental and can't get any of those tempting discounts for subscribing online.
Bring on the competition I say so the Mega Communication Oligopolies will get their due.


M-H said...

Does this mean that Optus doesn't offer the discounts outside the city limits? I have everything with Telstra, and get the discount. I had bad experiences with Optus after Narelle died and won't use them again. I even wrote and told them why and they ignored me.

Mogginic said...

I feel the pain regarding swapping over (I'm in glenbrook). I ended up disconnecting the home computer as the discount period was ending and i couldnt justify spending $40a month just to have it connected. the phone already costs $30 a month just to have it. Bring on the changes!!!

Mogginic said...

as an update to the above i just read the below
about naked dsl. thought you might be interested.