Sunday, February 03, 2008

Treasures in the Rain

We went exploring a treasure trove today.

The Victory Theatre in Blackheath is an Antique Centre just full of old and new goodies .

Outside it was bucketing down with rain but inside there was two floors of little alcoves to explore with teapots, jewellery, chairs, books, records, chaise lounges, magazines, and lots and lots of memoriabila, collectibles and knicknacks.

This Green satin embroidered ball gown caught my eye but the price was a bit prohibitive. I could see it being displayed on a wall to show off the embroidery flowing down the front. It must have made a striking impression in its heyday.

I got lost among the haberdashery section and 40 year old copies of Woman's Journal, pretty little pinifores and a stack of handbags. The only thing I actually bought was a few bags of vintage buttons and some commemorative spoons for the lad but the mass of shapes, textures and colour was inspiring.


mehitabel said...

Oh, Kate, I think that's the place that our friends took us to! My husband, the Depression glass addict, found a little green soup bowl and his haggling with the vendor caused a great deal of hilarity. My treasure was a coffee jar with the label still on it! If you can imagine us hauling this lot back to the US with us! Now I really want to go back!

Lynne said...

Methinks I need a trip to Blackheath! But I need the weather to warm up first!! LOL

AussieKnitGirl said...

HI there,
I'm originally from Sydney, and now live in San Diego, CA. I spent many, many holidays in Blackheath as my Great Aunty and Uncle, Stella and Jim, lived there FOREVER. I love that place and I can STILL smell the beautiful fresh air. It's making me homesick!