Sunday, September 23, 2007

Swinging to the Whitlams

In the Drama Theatre last night the sound of the Whitlams filtered through the layers of concrete from the Concert Hall, adding an ambient sound of thunder to Don's Party. When the audience get really excited in the big hall the sound of their stamping feet is like hailstones on the roof.

In my capacity as swing operator I worked on both shows and noted the irony that each made reference to the great, iconic Politician Gough Whitlam. Like Witty Knitter I am not a fan of Don's Party. It is not about politics as I first thought but about delusion, repression and fulfilling social stereotypes - Alpha Male, Swinging Sixties, Perfect Wife. I found the characters fickle and shallow and couldn't sympathise with any of them.

I did get a good start on the next project in my knitting queue - Cobblestone in Merino et Soie. I have about 20cm on the needles and am already reconsidering the choice of yarn. The original garment was in a tweedy yarn that suits the garter stitch details. I love the softness and drape of the wool/silk mix but it isn't right for this pattern. It is perfect for Leo and as I intended it for this design when I bought it, back it goes. I have a good amount of unbadged Bendigo yarn in the stash that will suit Cobblestone better.

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Lynne said...

An interesting experience for those at the play! I also don't like Don's Party.

Do you think the Merino et Soie would be good for Clapotis? I want to knit one for a friend's 50th next month.