Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Knitting time, Spring time

Tori Amos doing a Sound Check and me getting some knitting time in.

At least these 'baby-sitting' gig have an upside to them. If I'm only responsible for the House Lights I can get in quite a few rows during the night.
The Rib Warmer is done and the poor lingering Pullover Flair is on the last few rows, which is fortunate because I'm on the very last ball of Country Silk.

Outside it's Spring and the smell of blossoms is everywhere - even in the concrete and granite surrounds of the House. I was pleasantly surprised by this show of blossoms as I was cleaning up equipment in the function tent tacked on the front of the building. I'm not sure if it's Orange Jessamine or the like but it brought a welcome respite to the fluorescent lighting and air conditioning of the interior.

I must remember to walk outside more often when I'm at work. It's ironic that the smokers spend more time in the fresh air than the non-smokers do and this view is certainly worth it.

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Bex said...

LOL - its a hard life isnt it?