Monday, September 03, 2007

Silent Movies

An intensive weekend in the city - Saturday was a quick visit to SSK where I saw wonderful shawls and exotic Goths and managed to mislay my latest copy of IK. Not such a big thing as it will be safely returned but it did have ramifications the next day in my impulse buying at the beautiful homestead in this photo.

While I was doing knitterly things, the young lad was being entertained at The House by Imagine Toi, "The legacy of Chaplin and Keaton lives on, as the extraordinary actor, clown and mime, Julien Cottereau, star clown of Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco, brings his acclaimed solo show to Sydney. "

Later that evening in the Concert Hall we both saw the real genius of Silent Film Comedy in the SSO performance of Charlie Chaplin's "The Gold Rush". The House Seats I applied for at the last minute didn't come through, of course, so we squeezed in beside Sean the Sound operator and enjoyed the restored glory of Chaplin to the full sound of a Symphony Orchestra. It beats the Simpson's any day!

This was my favourite scene:


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Lynne said...

We had seats in Row N (A reserve) and they were worth every cent! I had never appreciated Chaplin's genius until last weekend!

Glad you're feeling better.