Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vale, Good Kharma Bunny

"The Good Kharma Bunny likes all things textiley, especially if it involves yarn! She's like a swan, exuding good kharma on the outside and paddling furiously underneath, to keep up with life."

I just read the so, so, sad news of the death of Alice Cox, aka Good Kharma Bunny and Knitter Exchange participant.
She was a young woman with two young children and her sudden passing in the early hours of Sunday morning must have so traumatic for her family. The brief contact I had with her revealed a vital, creative, woman with a keen and active interest in crafty pursuits.

Her husband Simon wrote the last poignant post on her blog on Monday morning - not an easy thing to do in the circumstance -
This blog, the contacts Alice made across the world due to this blog and the 'secret pals' she took part in meant a great deal to her and helped her through some difficult times so thank you all, you meant a lot to her. She was one of a kind and I will always miss her very much. Thank you all Simon

My deeepst sympathy goes to him and my heart goes out to his young son and daughter now coping with the absence of their mum.


M-H said...

Goodness, this is really shocking. How dreadful for her family. Her blog reads as 'full of life'.

Donni said...

How awful - she there and then she's not. And her kids are so little.....

mehitabel said...

Very sad, hard news. I hope that her family can grieve and remember her. We lost our oldest son two years ago, his wife and two young children are still missing him as am I, his sisters and his brother. Thank you for sharing the news in such a thoughtful and caring manner.