Monday, July 30, 2007

There was cake...

..and there were gifts and good company.

So the week ended better than it had started.

Despite a post-midnight finish the night before, after three shows and two bump-outs, I still managed to get to Teddy's birthday party.

Mandy had excelled herself in the cake making, knitting was de rigeur and French champagne flowed. I couldn't partake, unfortunately, as I still had to make the journey home but Sally's Lemon Meringue pie was compensation enough.

In a valiant attempt to reduce the number of UFO's listed on my fledgling Ravelry account I am only working on the Studio Mohair ribbed Cardi started over a year ago. For the past 6 months it has languished, needing one lone sleeve for completion.

I must admit to being slightly overawed by the potential of this uberknitting website. Although the catalogues and cross referencing of patterns and yarns is very exciting I am unfamiliar with the protocols of "social network services" like facebook or myspace, or of the concept of linking to "friends" I have never met.
Sure I may know many details of their lives through long association with their blogs but I'm still reticent to present myself like a pre-schooler and tag them as my "friends". Maybe this word is going to evolve in a totally different direction over the next few years because of the growth of such sites. In the meantime I think I will just concentrate on listing how many 4mm circulars I have in my stash until I get used to the concept.


Donna said...

Teddy's party looks like great fun - and what a gastronomic feast!
I read a lot of blogs. Far too many, really, but I've met quite a number of bloggers now, and I find that I'm proud to call most of them my friend. Nearly every single blogger I've met is exactly like their blog. So if it's someone whose blog I read and enjoy, and I've commented or had email conversations with them, I add them as a friend. I've had a few people add me who don't have blogs, but they're people who have commented on my blog a few times too. I've certainly not just been adding people willy nilly, though. I've never used MySpace or Facebook either, so it's all new to me, but it's a great fun. (And a huge timesink!)

Random Knits

mehitabel said...

I would love to be your Ravelry friend! Please do feel free to add me!

Anonymous said...