Monday, July 09, 2007

A Pile of Stash

Does this look like someone who has been on a stash diet?
Despite appearances to the contrary I am keeping to the Knit From your Stash pledge I took last year in December and going through the stages 12 step management plan including;

1. Assess and organise
5. Periodic Evaluations.
10. Review
11. Reassess
12. Re-evaluate. Frequently.

I'm trying to see the floor tidy up my little yarn corner as well as prepare for Ravelery (I'll wait, I'm patient) so this evening I pulled out everything that wasn't in a WIP bag and took its photo.
The good thing is that in the process I have identified at least three lots of yarn that I can get rid of and have reacquainted myself with lots of lovely fibre. It was good to just get it all out and remember when or why I bought a particular skein of Mollydale or a packet of Rowan Fine Cotton Chenille.
Trudi's Stash Manifesto and her Afterthoughts, though tailored to her specific needs, are an inspiration and a great place to begin the journey of Stash Management. I have never wanted to have Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy but it is not always easy to exercise self control in the face of tempting yarns and nice LYS.

I also organised a lot of my Knitting Books and loose patterns into one location instead of being stored in stacks on any flat surface that was close. The next thing on the agenda is to sort all the WIP's and UFO's. I will probably find that despite the demoralising picture of a Queen size bed covered in yarn I have been productive and true to my pledge.

For anyone in Australia that is interested this is a 10 ball packet of Minicaraibi from Lana Grosso; 100% Italian Cotton 4 ply in Antique Rose. It's out the door for $45.

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chocolatetrudi said...

An inspiration? Wow. Thankyou!

Good luck with your own KFYS efforts. I reckon a stash might be a bit like a wardrobe - some things you love and use, some you don't because you were either too optimistic on the day of purchase, or it was cheap, or a fad you got caught up in, you grew out of it or it's just too darn uncomfortable. I'll happily turf of op shop the latter, so why not yarn, too?

Hmm, maybe I'll blog that.