Friday, October 24, 2008

Yams are Go!

The yams, aka Oca, aka Oxalis Tuberosa, aka Yummy Sweet Things, have been planted. the seed stock started to sprout in the storage box so I took the hint that it was time to put them in the ground.

Here we have several bags of Mushroom Compost mixed with some Peat soil and generous spadefuls of homegrown compost all mixed together in a sunny spot below the kitchen window.

I needed to have them close because of the antics of these fellows - the Bowerbird tribe are always on the lookout for a quick feed and I've heard that Yam flowers are considered a delicacy.

They are not short of a feed though - we left a full bed of lovely strawberrys for them to munch on in the vain hope they would leave our raised beds alone - you can see they're not keeping to their side of the bargain.

At the moment there is a squabble going on between the pushy Wattlebirds and the Bowerbirds over a bit of sourdough I tossed out - they match each other for noisiness though the Wattlebird is the winner in the aggression stakes.

An early trial of Yam horticulture is already showing signs of success - I put a tuber in a tyre bed with lots of compost and mulch and a little shoot is coming through. The leaves bear a strong resemblance to its relative the nasty weed Oxalis so I'll have to ensure I'm not nurturing a crop of them.


M-H said...

Yum! Yum yum yum! Did I mention yum? I always insist that my daughter cooks me yams and proper kumera when I'm in NZ. I miss them so much. Roast dinners here are just not the same...

Katie Blake said...

Yum indeed. My favourite is roasted kumera refried for brekky with a fried egg on top. Mmmm.

Love the bird stories too, Kate. Tres exotic.

Lynne said...

Here the most aggressive are the Indian Mynahs! Boo!!!

Is yam like sweet potato?

Lucy C said...

Hi Kate,
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in the hope that maybe we can organise a get together sometime.
If you know of any Mountains bloggers not yet leisted please let me know.