Sunday, October 05, 2008

Soggy Cardboard

My working week has been a bit preoccupied with cardboard.
The final of Special Delivery, a wonderful kids show from Patch theatre, was on Sunday, while out the front of the House Polyglot Puppet Theatre braved the wet windy weather to entertain kids with piles of boxes.

Being part time I usually do 'swing' shifts covering the odd RDO or the initial Bump-in but I've been working consistently on the Patch production for over a fortnight and it's been wonderful working in the same venue for several weeks - especially the Playhouse. Special Delivery was special - a bit of mild slapstick, legerdemain and some wonderful music and sound effects from the Foley Artist made for a simple but highly entertaining show.

The down side of working every day has been more juggling of Home and Work demands, especially with the School Holidays coming up, but so far all the flaming torches have been kept up in the air. I've even manged to fit in a Knitting Meet at Gordon and a visit to the sadly, soon to be closed Rubi & Lana's.

Outside the forecourt looks like a shanty town. Even though there was a mild drizzle kids and adults had lots of fun building towers and tunnels, some complex, some just for the joy of knocking down. It only runs to the 7th of October as part of the 2008 Sydney Architecture Festival but it looks a hoot.

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Lynne said...

Bet it was a lot of fun in today's squally winds!

Hope you're not running yourself ragged.