Monday, October 20, 2008

Whales and Other Wonders

Back in the city, working the weekend (me, 2am Saturday night finish, the other, 7am Sunday start) so I had a chance to see Sculpture by the Sea.

The day was brilliantly fine with a deceptively cool breeze that disguised the fierceness of the sun. Past experience at this event has shown me that too much SP30 sunblock is never enough. The local Surf Life Saving Club had stands offering zinc cream and sun block for the price of a gold coin donation.

Despite this there were a lot of bare headed, lobster-faced people near the end of the walk that just had not got the message.

As with the past few years the sculptures were wonderful, some quirky and cute while others were graceful and elegant.

The delicate lace-like filaments of Kozo Nishino's dragonfly wing well deserved the Kinetic Artist Prize .

While the Whale Helicopter was a big hit with the kids about 100 metres out to sea we watched a whale, preceded by a pod of dolphins, gracefully travel south, rolling over now and then to wave a flipper in the air or arch down into the smooth blue water.
I wasn't able to catch this wonderful event on my little camera but it just made the day perfect.


Anonymous said...

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Lynne said...

Ooo! I must go this year - I say that every year and don't get there. *sigh*