Friday, October 19, 2007

Tales of Teapots and Cosies

These are the two of the three remaining Tea Pots I have of my once extensive collection. The top one is an smaller version of the family pot we used to have in New Zealand. A solid reliable pourer that gave a good cuppa for a family of 6. The little blue one is fine for a single cup but inclined to dribble a bit.
Someone on Ravelry is going to knit a tea cosy for one of them. Don't know who or what or when but I'll find out by Christmas.

I'm also doing my bit of cosy knitting;
Here is the lovely Ashford yarn being made up into the Autumn Tea Cozy from Not Another Knit Blog. Simple but effective - especially once I felt it a little bit. This teapot is more of a Herbal steeper. I think I won it at a cosy knitting competition a few years ago with this creation.

The original pattern was a baby hat called "Epponnee Rae Gumnut Baby Bonnet with Wattle Pompons" from the Kath & Kim ABC site. They have now parted company and unfortunately the website is no more. I only borrowed the wattle pompoms for the cosy but I may look through my archives and see if I still have the download as I would love to make the hat.


mehitabel said...

Oh, you reminded me that I have a collection of teapots! Maybe some of them need a cozy too. The wattle pompoms would be adorable--I love wattles!

Mrs. G. said...

Loving the cozies. Fun blog.

Em said...

What a great little collection! I'd love to see an FO picture when your cozy is all knitted up -- and do let me know if there are any errors!