Saturday, October 13, 2007

Exchange Time

It's that time of the year when knitter's thoughts turn to making suprises for people across the ocean or sea that they have never actually met.

I've joined up for ISE5 again and am past the first hurdle of which pattern to knit - I'm doing two! (Nothing like being decisive, nothing at all.) Jorgenhurst Fine Fibres kid mohair, in the antique stitch scarf pattern from the spring/summer 2005 issue of Vogue.
Red Belisa cashmere and Rubi & Lana merino combined to make Gypsy Rose.

Both are a fairly simple lace design and depending on their final length they may both end up being sent off (though Christmas is getting close).

I've also signed up for an Aussy Tea Cosy swap on Ravelry . The locale will make the Postage costs a bit more bearable so I can concentrate on finding the perfect tea cosy patten and the right kind of tea to accompany it.

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Anonymous said...

Loving the scarves, especially the blue one. Got my tea cosy started and other bits and bobs are being organised - so much fun!