Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's a beautiful, cool, misty day here in the mountains and everything is looking green and lush in the soft light. Here is a part of the Woodford bends looking west with the treetops hidden in the clouds. The centre nature strip is full of Bottlebrush that are in full bloom at present. I enjoy driving down this part of the Great Western Highway because of the plants that line it. In the early Spring the wattles make a mass of yellow and green, followed by the red blooms of the Bottlebrush then white Ti tree and yellow Banksias.

As I was standing on the overpass taking this shot I saw two Black Cockatoos in a nearby bush. They weren't the usual big black cockys like the ones that ripped apart a Banksia bush in my back yard last year. These were smaller and less aggressive. My field guide says they may be Red Tailed Glossy Black Cockatoos and they seemed to be enjoying the cool mist. According to the guide "their populations have declined, with local extinctions and range contractions because of land clearing practices that have removed food sources and nesting sites."

The cool weather means it is the right time to make marmalade - Cumquat marmalade. An attempt was made yesterday but the result was more like syrup than jam so they've gone back in the pot with a green lemon to help it set. Our little tree in the backyard is extremely prolific so there may be many more jam jars needed . The possums and parrots are helping themselves as well - I just wish they'd tidy up after.


amanda j said...

Lovely photos today!

wovensunshine said...

Cumquat marmalade--- how does a green lemon help it set? I'm a jam maker too, though never marmalade. I'm hoping to do that around Christmas time when oranges come back in season.

It's funny--- there are several bottlebrush bushes along side my house. I'd never seen them until I moved to California, only to find out these odd-flowering bushes are native to your part of the world. They are still quite beautiful.