Thursday, July 24, 2008

We went West...

to the NSW Outback.

At White Cliffs we stayed underground in the Dug Out Motel and explored its winding corridors and rooms.

We carefully travelled through the strange landscape of dugouts and mullock heaps and fossicked for opals through the huge piles of stones (with no success)

We drove hundreds of kilometers down long straight highways with Kangaroos and cattle - (alive and dead) - and admired the huge Wedge Tailed Eagles as they soared overhead or fed on the plentiful roadkill carrion on the roadside.

We travelled "interstate" to Cockburn SA and went border hopping.
We had Spiders and Waffles at Bells Milkbar
(To be continued...)


Lara said...

Great pictures!

Looks like you had quite an adventure :)

Lynne said...

I was just wondering this morning what had happened to you - now I know!

Looks like it was a little warmer than Bendigo and Wangaratta last week!

Anne said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!


(see you UP THE M4)

Katie Blake said...

What a wonderful picture of the wide red land and the big pink sky. It is just fabulous.

Love the lad tucking into the waffle too.

Hope you are having a fantastic time and am looking forward to more pics. said...

i discovered your blog from my little place of France and I love it, many things to learn, to see... a wonderful travel....

Teaching Handwork said...

wow I saw a picture of those underground houses but this really shows interesting! we don't have anything like that here in the states